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Baruch Advance Benefits


Being a member at Baruch Advance means a license to access some of the best services to support your lifestyle. Beyond earning exciting rewards, we offer wide range of benefits to lighten your life all year round. Here is the list of services, which you gain access to, as a Baruch Advance member, terms and conditions apply.

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Law books are not common man friendly. Hence, when you have to deal with legal matters, you will need professional advice on law. Be it land disputes, divorce or financial orders, you get legal advice on any topic you need, being our member. Additionally, our legal experts will also help you review / evaluate agreements.


While everyone can’t afford a personal assistant, we offer a substitute. We take orders for a wide range of services over a phone call during working hours and 24/7 through the web. Be it your travel arrangements for your foreign trip OR getting your car washed. From research assistance to laundry services, we offer a wide range of services to support your business and personal life. .


Working parents find it hard to spare time for their children’s education. Some parents may not be equipped to help their children too. Hence we have services that can support your child in getting assistance in doing homework and providing research assistance for school projects. These services are conducted through phone / internet. We have staff with expertise in multiple subjects to support your children of all ages of schooling.


There are many complexities associated in arranging for a funeral. We offer services to make your life simple in these difficult situations. Removal of body, Legal formalities such as obtaining the death certificate, arrangements of pathologist in cases of autopsy, etc are some of the services offered.


If you need help to be driven from one place to another in your home car, then we have a service to support you. We have professional driver arrangements and hired car services for your travel needs. We will dispatch a vehicle with 2 drivers to ensure that you arrive home safely.


We provide consultation for your annual tax filings to the government. While filing your tax return you can avail telephonic assistance from our consultants and also get information about any tax related queries.


We have a 24/7 helpline to accept your request in case of any medical emergencies in your family. Any deadly illness or injury (due to accidents or any visible wounds caused) qualifies for emergency medical assistance service.


Be it electrical, plumbing, gardening or locksmith – if any of these work needs to be attended urgently, then all you need to do is to call us and place an order. We will send a technician to your house to assist you with any of your emergency house repairs.


If you are worried about your car breaking down midway of your travel, you don’t have to panic but just avail our Roadside assistance service. Be it a flat tyre case, key locked inside the car, ran out of fuel or a mechanical breakdown, we will reach out to the place where you are held up and assist you in fixing it.

Missing Assist


The People Search and Rescue Unit (PSARU™) is a 24/7 call centre help line specialized in providing support in missing persons cases.


We assist with the following:
– 24/7 Call Centre for immediate assistance;
– A specialized investigation team to be dispatched immediately in the search for a missing person;
– Trauma support.

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The Baruch Advance Advantage


Baruch Advance services offer you with loads of benefits as a part of the reward program and also offers a wide spectrum of services to enhance your lifestyle through the membership services. Enrolling as  a member with us means associating yourself for shopping with high quality brands, getting more value for your shopping through our reward schemes and also avail all our member services. This makes us a highly valued partner for your life. This is one reason why more and more customers stay with us for a long time. Enrol today and transform the way you live.

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