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We love to get on board people with quality mindset, a passion to perform and those with a customer-centric approach to work.

Flexible Hours


We understand that our employees have parallel priorities to work and we strongly encourage our people to have a healthy work-life balance. Hence, our working hours are relaxed.

Advancement Opportunities


If you are a person who likes to lead initiatives then First Rewards is the right place for you. We encourage our employees to take initiatives and drive them to destiny. While doing so we produce in-house leaders.

Vacation Time


We encourage our people to take time off from work and come back more energized. Hence, we offer annual vacation every year when you get a paid holiday for one week.

And we’re looking for talented new people to join us. If you’re ready to help please complete the form below.

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    Contact us: 011 463 6714 | careers@baruchadvance.co.za